Image by Mike Baker


An Experienced Public Servant with a Record of Independent Leadership

Chris Duncan is an accomplished Homeland Security attorney who has spent his career in public service bringing people together to keep our country safe with honesty and integrity. He’s running for San Clemente City Council to find common sense solutions to help California’s hard-working families thrive and protect the future of our communities.

A graduate of California public schools, Chris’ parents taught him the value of hard work, integrity and the importance of going against the grain to do the right thing. From an early age, he sought to bring people together to solve problems.

Throughout his career, Chris has put politics and partisanship aside to do what is best for our country and communities. He has fought for protecting our safety, ensuring our laws were fully and justly enforced and defending our freedoms through consensus and hard work.


As a Senior Attorney at U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the Department of Homeland Security, Chris has served in both Republican and Democratic administrations and dedicated himself to strengthening our communities, protecting our borders and improving our quality of life.

He has focused on a wide range of topics, including immigration, customs, civil and criminal investigations, intellectual property protection, ethics, labor, and disclosure of information. He has won several awards for his work protecting our borders from terrorists, working with elected officials from both parties, government leaders, private businesses and outside organizations to get things done. Chris also took on governmental corruption, working to prosecute officials who put personal gain ahead of their duties, and trained hundreds of law enforcement officers on how to spot and report corrupt practices.

Additionally, Chris served as a Special Assistant United States Attorney, where he prosecuted criminal and national security cases. He helped recover millions of dollars for U.S. businesses who were victims of unfair trade practices by foreign corporations and governments. He convicted numerous criminals, including in a case involving a violent assault on a Border Patrol Agent, and worked with federal and state law enforcement officers to intercept and dismantle a major human trafficking organization.

Now, Chris is running for San Clemente city council to continue his work in public service and improve the safety and economic prosperity of our community. Chris believes the city’s government has become too factionalized and isn’t focused on what’s best for the people of San Clemente. As he did as a Homeland Security attorney, Chris will reach across the aisle to find consensus and create common sense solutions that have a positive impact on local families.

Chris holds law degrees from Georgetown University Law Center and the University of Hawaii School of Law and graduated with honors from Boston College. He lives in San Clemente with his wife, Haley, who runs a small business, and his three kids, who attend local public schools.