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‘People involved in politics for the right reasons can make a big difference in your life’ says California State Assembly candidate Chris Duncan

The Lariat News, Saddleback College

February 6, 2020

"I spent my whole career at Homeland Security building those types of teams and coalitions with different types of folks. We never focused on the party, it was what can you bring to the table, what do we have in common. Let’s focus on that, and let’s work to accomplish it. Because I don’t come from a political background and I don’t have an affiliation with a special interest, I am the type of person who can focus on bringing people together and build those types of coalitions to ensure the interest of our local community are well served by Sacramento."


California Assembly Candidate Chris Duncan Discusses Homelessness, Toll Roads

The Capistrano Dispatch

January 24, 2020

“I felt a need for urgent action for this district, (for) a candidate who wasn’t tied to political or special interests and didn’t have a career in politics but was coming from a pragmatic approach to solving problems,” said Duncan, who was a guest speaker at Coffee Chat. “That’s what I did at DHS and Customs and Border Protections, working with people of all different politics and having one mission we all came together to achieve.”

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